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    Introducing our state-of-the-art Excel Kanban Board! It simplifies your workflow and enables project control. You’ll access features to streamline workflow, boost productivity, and track team progress.


    Simplify your Project & Task Tracking using ExcelKan

    An automated excel kanban board










    🧐 Insights

    Our Excel Kanban Board, ExcelKan, offers task duration, overdue tasks, and individual stage durations metrics. Use insights to make data-driven decisions, optimize performance, and identify workflow trends. With Kanban view, tasks load into visible cards, filterable by project, team member, or priority.

    👀 Kanban Board View

    Load all tasks into visible cards, allowing you to show or hide stages. You can filter cards by project, team member, priority, or overdue, and access task info details with ease.

    📝 Task List

    The task list is fully searchable and filterable, with sorting options and detailed task screens. This allows adding, editing, and deleting tasks, with automatic calculations to monitor progress. Admin settings offer complete project and team member control, with up to 9 different stages.

    ℹ️ Task Info

    The Kanban Board offers a comprehensive overview of all tasks, enabling you to add, edit, and delete them. The tool also has automatic calculations for monitoring progress and stage durations. You can filter by project, team member, current stage, priority, or overdue, and view a dynamic task overview.

    ⚙️ Admin Settings

    Equipped with admin settings, you get full control over projects and team members. You can assign up to nine different stages, set work-in-progress limits, and customize task defaults. This ensures that each team member knows their responsibilities and is not overwhelmed.

    Try our Kanban Board for a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly project management tool, and watch productivity soar!


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    – Developed for Managers, Professionals, Startups, Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs
    – Automated Excel Kanban Board Template
    – Incredible insights using a dynamic dashboard
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    Excel 2016 (Mac & Windows), Excel 2019, Excel 2021, Office 365

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